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Mai Mai Mai - Petra (One Sided LP - CORPOC)

glad to announce 
this new release

Mai Mai Mai
Πέτρα (Petra)
One Sided LP
out on Corpoc
Edition of 300
Silkscreened on B Side
Artwork by Andreco
12 pages booklet with Photos by Ilaria Doimo
 (digital print, screenprinted cover with golden ink, handprinted)

Release date

LISTEN to it on Bandcamp

Mai Mai Mai keeps carrie on with his travel, bringing us back soundscapes of "Lands" he crossed. Petra delves deeper into this journey, as the appendix to the Trilogy about the Mediterranean, that sees "Theta" (LP, Boring Machines, 2013) and "Delta" (LP, Yerevan Tapes, 2014) as the former episodes of this long exploration.
In this album everything, from the alchemical artwork by the artist Andreco, silkscreened on the B side, to the inner booklet (a 12 pages photo book), is made up to instill the "romantic" sensation that cold stones turn into memory of places and time. Petra ("Rock" / "Stone" in ancient Greek) melt minerals founded during this odyssey into Sound.
An obscure soundtrack made of drones, dense and rugged beats, percussions, inner voices and field recordings. We are instantly carried on a cliff gazing upon the Sea, with a stone in the hand.
Mai Mai Mai: synths, beats, samples, tapes, voices
Percussions on Πέτρα by Nastro
Recorded and Mixed in Rome by V.Fisik in January 2015

Βάσσαι / Bassae (0:00 / 10:25)
Πέτρα / Petra (10:26 / 14:00)
Πέλαγος / Pelagos (14:01 / 19:15)

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