domenica 30 aprile 2017

PHI - Spring Tour


May 4th: Bruxelles @ Cafe Central w/ 
Ensemble Economique
May 5th: Rotterdam @ WORM Rotterdam w/ Lætitia Sadier
May 11th: Bologna @ LOCOMOTIV CLUB Bologna w/ In Zaire
May 12th: Recanati @ DONG
May 19th: Prague @ Prague Psychfest 2017
May 20th: Poznan @ LAS
May 22nd: Berlin @ Urban Spree w/ Zuriaake|葬尸湖
May 23rd: Leipzig @ Pracht 
May 24th: Paris @ Instants chavirés

May 25th: ROUEN @ Le Trois Pièces
May 26th: MECHELEN @ Cultuurcentrum Mechelen / In Utero Concerts
May 28th: Frankfurt @ DAS BETT
May 30th: Aarhus @ TAPE
May 31th: Aalborg @ 1000Fryd
June 1st: Copenhagen @ Musik Loppen
June 2nd: Malmö @ Plan B - malmö
June 3rd: Gotheborg @ Truckstop Alaska
June 4th: Hamburg @ MS Stubnitz
June 7th: Utrecht @ dB's
June 8th: Cardiff @ The Full Moon
June 9th: Nottingham @ The Maze


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PHI Winter Tour


MAR 3RD: LIVERPOOL @ Factory Kitchen / Invisible Wind Factory
FEB 25TH: LYON @ Grrrnd Zeroooo !
FEB 24TH: GRENOBLE @ Centre d'art Bastille
FEB 23RD: BASEL @ Hirscheneck
FEB 22ND: GENEVE @ La Cave 12
FEB 17TH: PERUGIA @ Umbria Doom Festival
FEB 3RD: BOLOGNA @ Euphorbia
JAN 28TH: BRISTOL @ The Old England Pub
JAN 27TH: LONDON @ Resonance FM 
JAN 26TH: LONDON @ Corsica Studios
JAN 21ST: UDINE @ Hybrida Space c/o Ex Ospedale Psichiatrico
JAN 20TH: VERONA @ Colorificio Kroen


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domenica 27 novembre 2016

Interview and Streaming on THUMP / Vice

The new album "Phi" is streaming online and you can listen to it on BC through THUMP, while reading and nice interview about Mai Mai Mai, with talks about the new album and the Mediterranean Trilogy, the scene in Rome (Est) and the Italian Occult Psychedelia, the amazing wolrd of Music Business in general, Sound Archeology and Prophecy and many other amazing stories...

And in case you want a real object:
Vinyl out on Boring Machines
Cassette out on Not Not Fun Records

You can find it on SPOTIFY and other digital Platforms

sabato 22 ottobre 2016

Mai Mai Mai - Φ (Phi) - out on Boring Machines / Not Not Fun




Mai Mai Mai names his poisonous, punishing electronic miasmas after characters of the Greek alphabet, beginning with Theta (Boring Machines, 2013) and followed by Δέλτα (Delta) in 2014 (Yerevan Tapes). Φ (Phi) is the third and final installment in his Mediterranean trilogy, pushing the project deeper into a vivid interzone of digital synthesis and scorched ritual. The album opens with a searing collaboration with avant-folk instrumentalist Luca Venitucci, locked into a lofty duel of distorted drones, before pivoting to a throbbing oblivion of jackhammer bass, seething feedback, and combat samples. Later passages ooze through industrial spoken word, technoid voodoo hallucination, seasick prayer loops, and nightmare exotica, assisted in places by Italian experimental percussion legend Lino Capra Vaccina (of 1970’s “golden age” groups Aktuala and Telaio Magnetico). MMM ascribes a degree of his maximalist tendencies to a rootless youth packed with parents through Europe and the Near East, absorbing fragments of sensation and sound, but his own decade-plus experience in the Italian underground has doubtless played a role as well. Intensity accrues, patience decays. 
Closure is its own reward. 

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Hombrelobo Studio by V. Fisik
Artwork and design by LEGNO
photography by Ilaria Doimo
Luca Venitucci: Accordion on A1
Lino Capra Vaccina: Vibraphone, Percussions, Gong on B3

martedì 28 giugno 2016

"Nel Sud"


A/V Project feat. Simne Donadni
presented at the 

52a Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema di PESARO

"Nel Sud" is a Journey down in the Past of South Of Italy, done through original footage taken from italian ethno-documentaries made during the 60s and 70s.
Directors such as Luigi Di Gianni, Gianfranco Mingozzi, Vittorio De Seta and Cecilia Mangini (inspired by the Ernesto De Martino's approach and his reaserches) and their films, edited and manipulated in real time by the video artist Simne Donadni, will make you wander in the "Mezzogiorno d'Italia", exploring the intertwining of pagan rituals and Catholicism in southern Italy, the labor and the dignity of Life and Death, the fragility of man subdued by Nature, by "Divine" and "Magic". 
Added Soundtrack By Mai Mai Mai and original sounds from the movies.

"Nel Sud" was presented at the Pesaro Film Festival 2016 and successively performed at Villa Ada - Roma Incontra il Mondo, Milano Film Festival / Audiovisiva, Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci (Prato) 


"Nel Sud", progetto che verrà presentato al Pesaro Film Festival 2016, racconta l'approdo nel Meridione di un'Italia lontana, della quale il tempo ha quasi cancellato ogni ricordo: tra nascenti fabbriche, vita rurale e antiche scene di pesca, rituali al limite tra il magico e il religioso ed una quotidianità ormai avulsa, lontana da tutto e da tutti. 
Alle musiche di Mai Mai Mai e a suoni d'archivio dell'epoca vengono affiancate le potenti immagini immortalate da registi che hanno fatto la storia del documentario etnografico italiano ispirato alle ricerche di Ernesto De Martino: Luigi Di Gianni, Gianfranco Mingozzi, Vittorio De Seta e Cecilia Mangini. 

I loro filmati, montati e manipolati in tempo reale dal video-artista Simne Donadni, ci fanno vagare nel Mezzogiorno d'Italia, esplorando l'intreccio tra ritualità pagana e cattolicesimo nell'Italia del Sud, la fatica e la dignità del vivere e del morire, la fragilità dell'uomo soggiogato dalla Natura, dal "Divino" e dal "Magico". 

Watch an EXTRACT of the live set performed at

Villa Ada - Roma Incontra il Mondo

lunedì 20 giugno 2016

SNTLS #84: Past / Future / Now - a mixtape for SOUNDWALL

SOUNDWALL asked me to do a MIXTAPE for their mix series

Here you can listen to it.

Past / Future / Now

Mi sembra di vivere costantemente tra i fantasmi del passato che popolano le mie memorie e desideri o timori per un futuro che deve giungere a breve (o addirittura è già qui). A volte convivono pacificamente, altre volte si scontrano. Quello che ascolto quotidianamente rispecchia spesso questo “bipolarismo”. Questo mix lo considero come una “messa in musica” di questo conflitto/rapporto. Si inizia con un oscura e nebbiosa “Hauntology” tutta italiana (vedi “Italian Occult Psychedelia”) per avvicinarsi al futuro che è già qui con noi (vedi “Accellerazionismo”).

Gianni Giublena Rosacroce – Compendium Maleficarum I
Heroin in Tahiti – C’È La Morte Che Ti Cerca e Tu Sei In Giro
Donato Epiro – Un Globo Rosso Rotondo
Sammartano – Tonnellata Humana
Heroin in Tahiti – La Madonna
Father Murphy – A Pourpouse
Moro – Libres
Chino Amobi – The Prisoners Of Nymphaion
Lotic – Heterocetera
M.E.S.H. – Methy Imbiss
Holly Herndon – Dao
TCF – 54 c6 05 1c 13 cc 72 e9 cc dc 84 f2 a3 ff cc 38 1e 94 0d c0 50 5c 3e e8
Vipra – Vatileaks 3
Helm – Sky Wax (NYC)

martedì 5 aprile 2016

PZYKMIX | Thalassa - Ancestors

In celebration of the 4th edition of Rome’s annual THALASSA festival at DALVERMEthe LIVERPOOL International Festival of  Psychedelia Crew asked me to make a Mixtape to present the Italian Occult Psychedelia scene: I made this mix called "Thalassa - Ancestors", focused on the roots of the I.O.P. and on the italian music we love . 
give a listen on MixCloud


check what the LIVERPOOL PSYCH FEST wrote about it

The term ‘Italian Occult Psychedelia’ came from an article published in 2012 in Italian music magazine Blow Up by Antonio Ciarletta, which documented an oft-overlooked local scene that eventually spawned the Thalassa festival.

IOR was deemed, by Ciarletta, to be faintly sinister music with a general psychedelic vibe performed by a clutch of underground Italian musicians. Though varied, the music produced by In Zaire, Heroin In Tahiti, Mamuthones, Mai Mai Mai and Cannibal Movie shares several common identities: informed by traditional Italian atmospherics found in 60s and 70s Spaghetti Western and giallo movie soundtracks; a Mediterranean approach to the Anglo-American stereotypes of psychedelic music and a rediscovery of the local psychedelic tradition of the past; a fascination for some of the darkest aspects of Italian culture and society (Catholicism in its most archaic aspects, neorealism, ‘sun and violence’); and a sort of ‘mondo aesthetic’, which relates to the Italian Mondo Movies tradition (exotic names, imaginary takes on different cultures, cannibals and Hawaiian dancers).

In this mix, our tour guide Mai Mai Mai takes us on a journey through some of these influences: ENNIO MORRICONE, PIERO UMILIANI, BRUNO NICOLAI, AKTUALA and EGISTO MACCHI. Its focus is on the Italian experimental music of the 70s (library music, soundtracks, Italoprog, weird stuff), which are a big part of the roots of ‘Italian occult psychedelia’.

Over the past three years, the venue Dal Verme in Rome has been the headquarters of this scene and the main place for experimental sounds in Italy. From here, the main protagonists dreamt up a sort of Italo-occult three-day festival: Thalassa. Over this period, the aforementioned artists – who are very much associated with this movement – have all played the festival, as well as exporting the message worldwide.

This year, the fourth Edition of Thalassa is dedicated to the ten-year anniversary of groundbreaking Italian label BORING MACHINES, and it will take place between March 31st and April 2nd 2016 at DalVerme.


01. Roberto Cacciapaglia - Sonanze 1st and 2nd movements
02. Ennio Morricone - Il Mercenario
03. Francesco de Masi - Suspance and Murder
04. Bruno Nicolai - Invasamento
05. Aktuala - Altamira
06. Lino Capra Vaccina - Voce in XY
07. Roberto Cacciapaglia - Sonanze 8th movement
08. Piero Umiliani - Automa
09. Gruppo Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza - Kate
10. Egisto Macchi - Chambre Anachronique
11. Bruno Nicolai - Insidia
12. Braen's Machine - Flying
13. Piero Umiliani - Tamburi Sacri
14. Egisto Macchi - Cammelli
15. Piero Umiliani - Canoe
16. Aktuala - Echo Raga
17. Fabio Frizzi - Verso l'Ignoto
18. Ennio Morricone - Indagine su un Cittadino al di Sopra di Ogni Sospetto
19. Walter Rizzati - Quella Villa
20. Alessandro Alessandroni - Stozzatrice
21. Piero Umiliani - Jingle nr.1
22. Futuro Antico - Schirak
23. Piero Umiliani - Oasi
24. Telaio Magnetico - Live 75 Part V